1. What is natuurvereniging-ridderkerk.nl?

Natuurvereniging-ridderkerk.nl is the official website of Ridderderk Nature Association. You can read a lot of content about the organization, their recent projects, on-going bills being pushed in the government, and the changes that we should make on Ridderkerk’s tours much like Amsterdam holidays and Amsterdam city trips.

  1. What is Ridderkerk Nature Association?

It is a nonprofit organization created to raise awareness on the health and current situation of the trees, plants, mountains, flora, and fauna in Ridderkerk in the province of South Holland. Our continuously growing team are pushing for projects that prioritize the growth of plants and conserve the environment.

  1. What are the projects that you supported?

We supported projects that aim to build new nature parks in Ridderkerk. The town has an area of 25 square kilometers which can be used to foster new parks and support nature in general.

  1. Do you conduct research?

Yes. Most of the budget that our partners help us with go to research and development of nature parks. We are always looking for the best and most efficient way to grow trees and restore nature as it was once before.

  1. Where do you get financing?

We partner with a lot of private and public companies who support the same endeavors that we do. They use our website to advertise their products and services. They also give support to the conferences and seminars that we conduct to raise awareness to all people.

  1. How can I receive notifications from the website?

You can register with us and receive newsletters, messages, and other notifications from us. You can be one of the first who can read articles about our projects, training, and other events.