It is quite astonishing to think that most people still do not care for nature. This is where we get our food from. Our houses are made from the wood that came from nature. We would not enjoy our Amsterdam city trips without the striking beauty that mountains and plains give us.

If you are still not convinced about why we should take care of the environment, here are some good reasons:

They keep our own health on point

What is the main element that sustains us? The answer is air. If we do not have air, we will not be able to live a single second more. Nature keeps the air at a certain level where we could breathe in and out freely without any health risks. More often than not, we forget that our life is dependent on nature. We may have a great Amsterdam Heineken experience but if it were for nature, we would not be enjoying our lives today.

Not caring for the environment causes a greenhouse effect on Earth

Do you know that every second that we do not care for the environment means that the earth will continue to get hotter through the years? This is what is called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect occurs when there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which locks in the heat inside and above the earth. The temperature of the seas and the air will continue to increase. This will cause plants to die, water to dry up, and eventually be unlivable for humankind.

Another cause of the greenhouse effect is climate change. Part of the ice in the north and south hemisphere continue to melt. This causes major changes in agriculture, wildlife, forests, and the seas in general.

It is good for the next generation

Help save the earth and providing a good home for your kids and grandkids. This is the legacy that you will leave them- a livable environment where their own children can enjoy and have fun in. Keep the environment safe for the next generation san and be a great example and model for them.